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3 Eyeglasses Buying Tips: A Must Read for Heavy Outdoor Computer Users

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Many people in this technologically-advanced world probably spend most of their time in front of some form of portable computer devices such as tablets and phones. Extended use of such devices can be harmful to your eyes, especially if you spend those long hours in front of a screen without using some form of eye protection. Since you do not blink much when looking at a tablet screen, your eyes are likely to get dry as a result, especially if you are outdoors. You can experience blurred vision, exhaustion, and headaches in the process, which may affect your productivity and general health. It is a good idea to buy good computer glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the blue light that such computer devices emit. Here are some useful buying tips to get you started.

Always Go for the Right Fit — For a clear vision that will reduce blurred vision, double vision, and headaches, always buy eyeglasses that will allow your eyes to be centrally placed within the lenses and not the frame. The lenses should not have a significant margin of error that may affect your vision at varying distances. An optometrist can perform an eye check and prescribe the right fit of glasses for individualized functionality. Therefore, always take care when buying glasses online because you may not always find the right fit that is comfortable for you.

Buy High-Energy Visible (HEV) Light Filtering Lenses —  HEV, also known as the blue light, is the harmful light that computers emit, which causes eyestrain. Continued exposure to this light can damage your eyes permanently. If you are a heavy computer user (over 6 hours of computer use), consider single-vision glasses. Also, aging affects vision, and thus, the optometrist can factor in this variable when prescribing appropriate eyeglasses. However, you will need to make a rough estimation of the distance from your eyes to the screen of your device to enable the optometrist to make the necessary corrections for your vision.

Anti-Reflective Coating — A thin layer of coating can be applied on both the back and front of the lenses to eliminate glare, especially from the computer. Eye doctors also recommend the latest coating design that does not peel off and that would last for at least a year before replacement. If you want to eliminate the cost of regular replacement of the anti-reflective material, buy eyeglasses that have the coating ionized into them as opposed to a coating installed on top of the lens.