Tips for Adults Needing Glasses for the First Time

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Why Seeing an Optometrist Regularly Will Help Improve Your Eye Health

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Most people take their oral health seriously, and that’s why they don’t skip any of their appointments with the dentist. They also see their gynaecologist in good time to improve their reproductive health. However, most of them don’t take their eye health seriously, and this explains why they don’t schedule an appointment with an optometrist as required. Your eyes are some of the vital organs that need to be examined regularly to help you live a fulfilling life. Read More»

How to Protect Your Vision as You Get Older

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Do you take your eyesight for granted? Good vision is a necessity for many parts of your life. From working and learning to enjoying everyday pleasures, being able to see clearly makes a big difference. As you get older, failing to take good care of your eyesight could make your eyes fall into a gradual state of decline. Fortunately, there are ways to make poor eyesight less likely. Protect Your Macula with Your Diet Read More»

Could You Be In Need Of Cataract Surgery?

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Cataracts form when the proteins inside your eyes begin to cluster together, which creates a cloudy film on the eye lens. This ailment is typically associated with the elderly, as these proteins need a significant amount of time to start clumping together. Nevertheless, this does not mean that younger people are immune to cataracts, as some lifestyle habits can accelerate their formation. Some of the risk factors that could cause the formation of cataracts include heavy smoking, taking steroids, exposing your eyes to direct sunlight and more. Read More»

Reasons you should see an optometrist

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An optometrist is a health professional that specializes in eye diseases and disorders. Specifically, an optometrist’s duties include examining eyes and the visual system for any abnormalities or diseases. This can be followed by diagnosis and recommendations on management of your eyes. Here are some reasons why you should see an optometrist. Common Eye Problems If you have common eye problems such as eye infections or dry eyes, you should see an optometrist. Read More»

3 Eyeglasses Buying Tips: A Must Read for Heavy Outdoor Computer Users

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Many people in this technologically-advanced world probably spend most of their time in front of some form of portable computer devices such as tablets and phones. Extended use of such devices can be harmful to your eyes, especially if you spend those long hours in front of a screen without using some form of eye protection. Since you do not blink much when looking at a tablet screen, your eyes are likely to get dry as a result, especially if you are outdoors. Read More»